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H1-B visa bar threatens over 1-lakh Indians US job prospects

Published on: Thursday, 19th February 2009 05:35 AM     By      Administrator

Washington: Nearly 100,000 skilled Indian workers' prospects of living the American dream may turn sour with the Congress barring firms that received bailout money from hiring foreigners through H1-B visa programme if they replace US citizens 

The US has capped the H1-B visa at 65,000 a year, out of which 40,000-45,000 generally goes to Indian professionals, mostly from the IT industry.
The government data for 2008 shows that about 5.7 lakh Indians were issued H1-B and other non-immigrant visas.

Earlier this month, India-born international economist Jagdish Bhagwati also argued that the provision to restrict hiring of H1-B visa holders would deprive the US of the best global talent which comes in the form of highly trained and talented people.

"In terms of broader considerations like the people who are coming in on H1-B visas -- they're frequently highly trained and talented people and ... a lot of our progress and prosperity depend on having such people," Bhagwati, Professor of Economics at the Columbia University had said.

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