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Talking With Taliban - Karzai’s Gift on International Women’s Day

Published on: Monday, 9th March 2009 12:59 PM     By      Administrator

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Talking with Taliban…Karzai’s Gift on International Women’s Day

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"For the first time in years White House and Afghan Presidency are talking the same language. These surprises are coming in a time when the lingering Afghan President has less than a couple of months in office. Diplomacy has worked, it shows. Today’s development in the political arena was not, however, new news to the world except that it was a sitting US President who with a shy eyebrow nodded to the long pleas by Karzai administration to start negotiations with the Taliban.

The question was which Taliban? The one’s who openly supported and continue to support Al-Qaeda after which American soldiers are dutified to run? Karzai, however, was quick to say, “No, Boss, it’s the moderate Taliban”. Moderate Taliban? Doesn’t it sound stupid? Was it not the “Moderate Taliban” who ruled Afghanistan so brutally that it committed massacres of minorities? Wasn’t it the Taliban who beat the hell out of poor women? Wasn’t it Taliban under whose governance women weren’t allowed to work? Wasn’t it Taliban under whose rule, girls couldn’t go to school?

Karzai and Karzai minded so called leaders may rush to say: Oh! No, they were under fundamentalist Taliban and we are talking of “Moderate Taliban”. The most sarcastic scenario on earth, when you dig somewhere and find a rock and still try to hit it hard to up well water. Now, it is happening in Afghanistan. Simply had there ever really been “Moderate Taliban” Wouldn’t they ever voice their concerns on the destruction of historical statues of “The Buddhas”? Wouldn’t they voice when Taliban killed and burnt people in great masses in Shomali plains and Yakawlang of Bamiyan Province. "